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Gameloft GameJam 2016



Organized by Gameloft South-East Asia (SEA), GAME JAM 2016 is a gathering of game developers for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating games within a short span of time. It is more than a simple contest; it is also about working together, sharing experience, being creative and having fun while creating awesome games!

Gameloft SEA opens the contest this year to all Game Programmers, Designers, Testers, Artists, Producers in Vietnam and Indonesia, both Gamelofters and outsiders.

JOIN THE GAME! Together we create the best games ever!





10 OCT - 10 NOV

30 days

0:00, 10 Oct to 23:55, 10 Nov

Game Jam

18 NOV - 20 NOV

48 hours

21:00, 18 Nov to 21:00, 20 Nov


21 NOV - 12 DEC

Announcing Top 5

28 Nov

Top 5 submit video presenting their product

1 week

28 Nov to 04 Dec

Voting on Facebook by audience

Selecting the most favorite game

2 weeks

25 Nov to 9 Dec

Announcing final result 

12 Dec

Award Ceremony

At the city of the Champion

16 Dec


    • 19:00 Friday:     Welcome
    • 19:30 Friday:     Check-in (to verify information and arrange the team corners)
    • 20:30 Friday:     Opening speech and sum-up of the regulations
    • 20:45 Friday:     Game Theme announcement
    • 21:00 Friday:     Game Jam 2016 kick-start
                                  Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served from Saturday
    • 21:00 Sunday:   Product submission deadline
    • 21:30 Sunday:   Closing

          Any question related to GAMELOFT GAME JAM 2016, please contact the organization board at this address: gameloft-sea@gameloft.com

      • The contest is open to all Game Programmers, Designers, Testers, Artists and Producers in Vietnam and Indonesia, both Gamelofters and outsiders.
      • Register on the official website of Gameloft Game Jam 2016:http://gamejam.gameloft.com/
      • Registration period: From 0:00, 10 Oct to 23:55, 10 Nov 2016
      • A valid registration is a complete registration, including:
        1. The registration of 4 members maximum
        2. Including at least 1 non-Gamelofter, with game development skills and background. 
          Example: One team can then be composed of 3 non-Gamelofters and 1 Gamelofter, or 4 non-Gamelofters, etc.
        3. One team member can register for the whole team on Game Jam website
      • If you don’t have a complete team yet (or if you are alone), and want to register: no worries, you can still register! Don’t wait to form a team as we will select the first completed teams! How: 
        1. Register on the website for yourself
        2. Check Team Zone area: all the registered teams will be displayed and you can select any incomplete team you want to join.
      • Changing your team members is possible only if within the registration period (before 23:55, on 10 November 2016)
      • When the registration period is closed, the organization board will announce the 50 selected teams on the website and send to each team an email to confirm the registration status              
      • To ensure the quality of the contest, we limit the number of teams in each city:
        • Saigon:               20 teams
        • Danang:             10 teams
        • Hanoi:                10 teams
        • Yogyakarta:      10 teams
      • How the selection will be made? On a “first-come, first-served” basis!



    • Participants are required to bring their own PC/laptops and necessary devices for the Game Jam (phone, cable, GFX tablets, USB/HD, etc.). They are free to choose the softwares and editors they want, but they will be held fully responsible for the license and security matters.
    • The submitted product must be developed for Android platform and can be played on PC browser for testing
    • The submitted product must be relevant to the theme provided by organizer at the beginning of the competition. The organizer is responsible to decide whether a game is relevant to the theme provided. No appeal can be made on that decision.
    • The organization board will provide each team with a SVN link. Each team is required to commit their product every 8 hours. The final version must be committed no later than the closing time. If not, the product will not be recognized.
    • Each team warrants that the code, design and art being submitted in this contest are the original work of the participant/team only.
    • Each participant/team agrees to not use any image or content related to politics/religion/age limit (18+/16+)
    • During the Game Jam time, participants will be required to comply with organizer’s guidance.
    • The organization board will not share the names of of the participants, their contact or the source files of product to any other organization without explicit permission.
    • When registering to the contest, each participant agrees to all the mentioned regulations.
    • Gameloft reserves the right to reuse the submitted games and/or elements of the submitted games with their author’s name credited
    • The organizers reserve the right to change, modify or make exceptions to all policies at will.
    • Food & beverage: Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served on Saturday and Sunday.
    • A corner of snack, tea and coffee will be available at all time, during the event.
    • Overnight: Each participant is free to stay. If the participant decides to stay overnight, it is his/her responsibility to prepare his/her own personal items for the night. The organization board recommends you to bring your own sleeping bag.
    • THE CHAMPION AWARD - 4800 USD - The game with the highest score in all 5 criteria
    • THE INNOVATION AWARD - 1500 USD - The game with the highest score in Innovation criteria
    • THE EXCELLENCE AWARD - 1500 USD - The game with the highest score in Excellence criteria
    • THE FAVORITE GAME - 600 USD - The game with the most “Likes” on Facebook
    • The jury board is formed of 04 Gameloft Managers in each participating city: 1 Studio Manager, 1 Programmer Lead, 1 Game Designer Lead, 1 Game Artist Lead.
    • The composition of the jury board is made to reflect all the skills potentially included in each participating team, to ensure a fair and objective evaluation.
    • The jury board of the city A will score the products from the city B, C and D. The jury board of the city A cannot score the products of their own city A.
    • The jury board will use the following CRITERIA to score the products:
      • 25% for EXCELLENCE - Your excellence is based on your capability to create top products
        What is evaluated here? Game mechanics, balance, control, level design, art direction
      • 25% for INNOVATION - Consider every second how to do things in a more creative way!
        What is evaluated here? The creativity of the game, whether it is new and unique
      • 15% for PASSION - Let the game players see how much passion you put into it!
        What is evaluated here? Document/presentation about the product
      • 10% for ENGAGEMENT - A perfect product must stick to the theme provided.
        What is evaluated here? The engagement between the game and the theme
      • 25% for FUN - Creating fun for the world is what we are doing everyday!
        What is evaluated here? Attractive to play, addicted to continue
    • All results will be combined and calculated based on these criteria, to define the final results.
    • Evaluation rounds:
      • Round 1: Jury board score all the products to select Top 5 games
      • Round 2: Top 5 to send a video presenting their product (English subtitles required). The winners will be defined based on the vote from the jury board of each city by the criteria of PASSION – to see how much passion you put into the product! Detail of weight will be updated.