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Gameloft GameJam 2016

Organizers will provide computers/devices?

No. Participants are required to bring their own PCs/laptops and necessary devices. They will be held fully responsible for the license and security matters.

A team must have at least 1 non-Gamelofter?

Yes. It's a good chance for Gamelofters to work together, share experience with other passionate gamers in the community

How can we invite others to join our team?

If you don’t have a complete team yet, you can still register: 

1. Your team information will be displayed on Team Zone section on the website for other individuals to contact should they wish to join your team.  

2. You can visit Team Zone section on the website to join any incomplete team.

Can I know the theme in advance?

Absolutely not! According to the contest rule, the theme will only be announced 15 minutes before the Game Jam period, at the event venue.

How to submit the product?

The organization board will provide each team with a SVN link at check-in time. Each team is required to commit their product every 8 hours. The final version must be committed no later than the closing time. Otherwise, the product will not be recognized.

Can we sleep at the venue?

Yes. You have the choice to stay at the venue or go home  at night and come back in the morning. The venues will be closed from 11pm to 6am. In case you wish to stay at the venue, it is highly recommended that you prepare your own sleeping bags and personal items.

Food & Drink will be served during the event?

On Saturday & Sunday, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served. We have a FREE corner for snack & coffee.

Can I still vote for the Favourite Game even if I did not join the contest?

Yes of course, you are very welcome to vote! It’s open to anyone who wants to discover the amazing games created during our 48-hour contest.

Can I change my vote for the Favourite Game?

No. Once done, the vote is final. Please make sure you play all the games before hitting the Vote button.

Why my game is not listed in the page Games?

It is because your game is not playable at all.